All applicants must meet the following requirements to facilitate their admissions process.
 Preschool students must be three years old and potty trained.
 Kindergarten students must be five years old on or before December 31st of the current year.
 Full Time Hifdh students must be able to read the Quran fluently prior to their admission in the Full Time Hifdh Program.
 Furqaan Academy does not have a facility equipped to provide Special Educational Programs or to serve any student with physical, emotional, behavioral, or any other special needs.
 Furqaan Academy reserves the right to decline admission to students including but not limited to the following reasons:
1.If a student requires special education instruction due to a learning disability, which is
beyond the purview of the school’s capability or capacity
2.If a student requires English as a Second Language ESL beyond the purview of the school’s
capability or capacity
3.If a student has had serious discipline problems at previous school
4.Inaccurate, misleading information that is provided in or with the admission application


The items listed below should be submitted to Furqaan Academy to complete your child’s enrollment.
Failure in submission of any of these documents will delay the registration process.

 Furqaan Academy Registration Package
 Registration Fees, Books Fees, IOWA Tests Fees, and Uniform Fees
 First Tuition Installment

 Birth Certificate (Registration will be denied if birth certificate has not been submitted. Maximum time allowed for this is one month as mandated by Illinois law.)
 Current/ Updated Health and Immunization Records
 Dental and Vision Examination Forms
 Custodial Documents (If applicable)

3. PREVIOUS SCHOOL RECORDS (Documents must be released directly to Furqaan Academy or sent in a sealed envelope)
 Grades/ Behavior Records (report cards)
 Standardized tests scores such as IOWA
 Health Records (immunization, dental, vision)
 Any other relevant documents