The Full Time Hifdh Class is a religious education program which through the effort of the students, under the supervision of the teachers, the dedication of the parents, and ultimately through the blessing of Allah (SWT) will facilitate efficient and effective completion of the memorization of the Holy Quran.

Three Components of Hifdh


  • Complete all three components of their daily work
  • Read actively at home for assigned time (2 hours weekday/6 hours weekend)
  • Avoid things that will negatively affect Hifdh


  • Listen/Mark students’ lessons
  • Ensure students complete all three parts of their daily work
  • Keep parents & administration updated about student progress


  • Ensure their child reads at home (2 hours weekday/6 hours weekend).
  • Create a conducive environment/schedule at home for their child’s Hifdh
  • Keep in regular contact with the teacher to measure child’s progress.

Student  Expectations

 Students are required to read 2 hours every weekday at home in order to complete their assigned lessons for the next day. Over the weekend/holiday they are required to read a minimum of 3 hours each day.

After the completion of the attached lesson for each new Juz the student will only be allowed to move to the next Juz after reciting the Juz in its entirety to the teachers satisfaction as well as passing a random spot test of that Juz.


Hifdh Graduation

 Students should meet the following requirements for graduating as a Hafidh.

  • Successful completion of Quranic Arabic class.
  • Review of Qur’an before graduation. This could take anywhere between 3-6 months.
  • A final recitation of the whole Qur’an in one day