Furqaan Academy aims to create and empower generations of students who are confident of their Muslim identity in America and are able to pursue and excel in any field of study with a strong grounding in Islamic knowledge.



Furqaan Academy’s mission is to provide a balanced Pre-K to 12th grade education that combines both
revealed and acquired knowledge by integrating a Qur’an centered education program with a
comprehensive state education program that prepares our students to:
 Display exemplary Islamic morals and character
 Meet the modern challenges of our diverse society without compromising their identity
 Attain excellence in any field of study
 Become contributing leaders of our Ummah and the society at large
 Grow in a healthy Islamic Environment with experienced teachers who have high ethical &Islamic values
 Become self-disciplined, confident, humble, pious, God-conscious, and service oriented
 Develop a real love for learning to make them lifelong learners