Staff / Admin


Name Job Title Email ID
Abdul Rehman Subedar Alim
Amal Zayed Pre-K Teacher
Amanee Momani KG Teacher/ 3rd grade Language Arts
Bassam Ahmed Integrated Hafidh
Gihan El-Essawy FTH Girls
Manar Aboudan Quran Teacher
Nadia Rayan Kg and 1st gradeTeacher
Noor Wazwaz 1st Grade Teacher
Rima Musa Math and Science (4th&5th), Arabic (FTH/ J.H/H.S)
Sadaf Mohsin 2nd Grade Teacher
Sarah Raslan Arabic Language Teacher
Suhair Ahmad JH/H School Literature and Social Studies
Syeda Ghouse Math and Science 2nd, 3rd
Taha Mehnaaz JH/H School Math / ScienceTeacher

Administrative Staff:

Name Job Title Email ID
Haiat Bousmaha Principal
Samiya Zamani Program Coordinator
(Weekend, After Sschool Maktab, Ustadh@Home)



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