Its been over 4 ½ years since Furqaan Academy opened its doors to our community to provide an Islamic education along with the State education curriculum to benefit each student in their academic career. While the road to success has not been faced without severe challenges from every aspect yet Furqaan Academy year after year has proved to produce the top notch students in several state and nationwide competitions.

Like any organization it takes time and patience for measuring the success, not with the best classrooms or gyms but with the results of each student on their individual sacrifice along with the teachers, principal and the parents. As a community we have been offered this opportunity to invest in our kids to get the best of both the worlds and unless we are not willing to sacrifice and have patience we shall not reap the rewards in the long term.

Brothers, sisters and friends it is our obligation as a community to support this organization so that our kids and our grandkids will be able to continue with our Islamic traditions and become our leaders of tomorrow.

Mr. & Mrs. Faruk Dadar

I am a parent of Kindergarten student and I am having wonderful experience with Furqaan Academy. This is the best foundation for our children to know who we are and what is important in our life. I don't have to worry about my child, I know she is learning the best and at the right place. I am so thankful to the teachers for the great work they are doing on our children. All the glory goes to Allah s.w.t for showing us this wonderful path. May Allah s.w.t give Furqaan Academy tremendous success. (Ameen).

Mr. & Mrs. Humza Ganatra

I, Sara Gazi, reverted to Islam almost six years ago and as soon as I learned about Furqaan Academy I enrolled my younger daughters to instill in them a strong Islamic education as a foundation for their future. My daughters are learning how to read Qur’an, memorizing Surahs, and Duas all this in Arabic, which as a Revert I cannot teach them. In addition to my daughters speaking English, Urdu and Spanish, the school has integrated the Arabic language in their curriculum and my daughters are now speaking Arabic among themselves Masha'Allah! Now with their Saturday school my two older boys who are also reverts can also benefit from Furqaan programs in addition to studying in an Islamic environment . Having Furqaan Academy and the Foundation here in Bolingbrook is growing to be my community of Reverts biggest blessing yet!

Mr. & Mrs. Arshad Gazi

I love the small classroom size and personal attention by the teachers. My daughter has learned so much Arabic in her first year! A fun and well blended curriculum for students and wonderful Qur’an hifdh program.

Mr. & Mrs. Shoaib Khan

Furqaan Academy is very direct with Islamic knowledge, values and traditions. I believe that learning is not only the task for students but it is an equal collaborative effort from the Parents, the Teachers and Management which Furqaan Academy carries within. As far as my experience with Furqaan Academy I would definitely encourage my friends and family to enroll their children.

Mr. & Mrs. Muhammad Sarfaraz

My son joined the Furqaan Academy’s full time hifdh program last year. We are very proud of him as he has memorized 22 juz in his first 2 years at Furqaan Academy. His goal is to complete memorizing the holy Qur’an by the end of this year insh'Allah. As his parents, we never thought that this was possible. This is all thanks to the excellent teachers at the school. In the beginning we were hesitant in putting him in the program but we were encouraged by Mr. Wajahat, the principal and Brother Ademir Lolic, my son’s teacher. This year he participated in the 1st MAS & ICNA Quran competition with great confidence. He won 3rd place. We were very proud of him and this has brought him closer to Allah (swt). We are glad we have enrolled him in the Furqaan academy Full Time Hifdh program, and thanks to Allah we made the decision to have him join. If it wasn’t for Furqaan Academy I don’t think that my son would have progressed this far in his religion especially since we live in a predominantly non-Muslim community.

Mr. & Mrs. Hassan Rayan

A child's education and tarbiyah starts at home. After home, as the child continues on to school, the environment that a child has is equally as important. Seven to eight hours of my children's waking hours will be spent in school. Allah has blessed us with Furqaan Academy, which has provided my children with an Islamic environment that I feel is an extension of our home. I am eternally grateful to all the teachers and staff at Furqaan Academy who are helping shape my children into good, sound, and well-educated Muslimahs. Thank you!

Amina Baloch

My kids joined Furqaan Academy in its first year after transferring from another Islamic School. With all respects for other Islamic Schools in the Chicago-land area, I have found Furqaan Academy the most dedicated in regards to teaching the Arabic language, Quraan memorization, and Islamic knowledge alongside their outstanding performance in the other subjects. I have third and fourth grader, they can read from any Surah without help. Alhamdulillah, they can read and write arabic very well.

Noura Almasri

Furqaan Academy is a school where the teachers really care about their students. I am especially thankful for the principal, Mrs. Haiat Bousmaha. Her years of experience and dedication to the children are just what this school needs to continue to grow and excel. It is comforting for us to know that she feels proud to be a Muslim and is developing friendships with other Muslim children who share our values. This is a gift from Furqaan Academy to my family. My daughter loves it because “Everyday I get to learn something new. All the classes are my favorite.” Thank you, Furqaan Academy for welcoming us into your family.

Dr. & Mrs. N. F. Jabbar

Prior to coming to Al-Furqaan Academy, my children attended public school, and among other undesirable influences, my sons also had to deal with harsh treatment due to the fact they are Muslim. They were looked down upon and at times insulted based on their religious orientation. I am pleased to say that by joining the academy, their religious and personal views have improved, and has it has facilitated creation of their Muslim identity.

This school is in its beginning years and there is a lot of room for development and improvement, as such it is an opportunity for all of us to help build this institution and partake in the enrichment of our future generation, which is a compulsory part of our Islamic tradition. It takes a village to raise a child, and it will take the whole community to help build an academy such as Al-Furqaan. So please, by contributing to this school, let us help our sons and daughters find their Muslim identity and character.

Mr. & Mrs. Zain Khan

Our main goal for bringing our daughter to Furqaan Academy Academy was so she will be successful in this life and the hereafter. Furthermore we wanted her to have values such as strong belief in Allah, His Messanger Prophet Mohammed (PBUH), His Books and the Hereafter to name a few. As a parent I knew that our local school can help her become a a productive member of the society , but that's all they had to offer. Furquaan Academy can do that and a whole lot more.

There's an African proverb that, "It takes a village to raise a child". My strong belief is that between our home and Furqaan Academy we could create that village where our daughter will grow up to be a proud "Muslim American".

Mr. and Mrs. S. Tariq Ali

I truly can’t thank enough and will be forever grateful sending them to an Islamic school and stop dragging them from public school to Hifz class and to the Sunday school. We are so lucky to have an Islamic school in our community that is not only building foundation for improved academic achievement but also focuses on sound Islamic values. I have to say their Arabic program is extraordinary...

Asma Ameen

Choosing a school for their child is one of the most important decisions a parent faces. We want the best for our children and some will go to great lengths to get their children into schools they think is right for their kids. Our family was faced with the same challenge last year when our son turned five. We wanted our son to excel in secular education and at the same time concerned about the need for Islamic education and environment for our child which we believe is essential especially at an early age.

We learned about Furqaan Academy and decided to attend their open house. After meeting all the teachers and seeing their enthusiasm, positive attitude and learning about their curriculum specially the integrated Hifz program we were convinced that this is the school for our son. We were also very excited that the school is right in our own community of Bolingbrook. I want to thank Allah(swt) for helping us make the right decision for our child. Mashallah in less than one year my son has learned Islamic Aadab and Iqhlaq which we may not have been able to teach him at home in such a short time. This is in addition to several surah's and Hadith he has memorized.

I know the love and respect my son has for his teacher would not be there if it wasn't for the personal dedication of his teacher and the individual attention he receives at Furqaan Academy. What is invaluable to me is the smile the teacher greets me with, specially on Friday when we are all tired working the whole week and on top of it sometimes I am late picking up my son. May Allah reward everyone involved with Furqaan Academy.

Mr. & Mrs. Imran Mirza

We have been blessed that Furqaan Academy has become part of our life. My two kids tell me that they do not want to go to any other school. I could never have imagined this.... they have learned more than I could ever imagined. When we first came to Furqaan Academy during open house you stated that the kids at Furqaan Academy know more than their parents. So far I am ashamed because my kids are always telling how come you don't know this Surah or this Dua’a. I tell them that I did not have the wonderful opportunity that you have going to such a great school and I need them to help me learn.

Furqaan Academy has a wonderful staff and my kids love all their teachers. I knew it was going to be tough for us, especially helping them with the Islamic and Arabic homework. We are both learning as our kids learn. I know that starting any new venture is not easy and I have faith in Furqaan Academy that they will continue to provide the best Islamic education for all ages. Please keep up the good work.

Mr. and Mrs. Jalal Abdelqader

Being a part of the Furqaan Academy family has been a true honor and blessing for me. Alhamdulillah, I have witnessed the dedication and enthusiasm put forth by all of my colleagues. Everyone has worked so hard to make this school a success, with Allah (SWT)’s help. I believe that, InshaAllah, Furqaan Academy will continue to flourish and live up to its mission of endearing students to both excellence in Islam and excellence in education.

Thameena Toor

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