Pick Up and Drop Off Plan


Dear Parents,

Insha’a Allah hope this message reaches you in the best state of health and imaan.

In order to have an organized, and safe entry / dismissal of our students, Furqaan Academy has developed a pick-up/drop-off plan and designated parking spots. Parents and staff members are required to follow the attached plan and keep the following in mind:

During dismissal, it is recommended that parents do not arrive too early. However, parents who do arrive early and want to wait until dismissal time, will have to park in lot B & lot A2.

Parents who pick their children up at the accurate dismissal time will have to stay in their cars until the child/ren enter/s the vehicle. A teacher will be outside and call for the students form inside the building. After the students enters the vehicle, parents will then make a U turn and head out of the parking lot onto Briarcliff road.

Parents are requested to park their cars and then enter the building in case they want to talk to the office staff. Teachers/ staff members will be requesting from parents who do not follow the above policy to park first then enter the building.

Please respect the following codes when picking up or dropping off your children:

-Do not double park
-Do not have conversations in the middle of the parking lot
-Speed should not exceed 10m/h
-Be on time for dismissal time
-Respect all school codes
-Please check the attached parking lot plan

Parents cooperation in this matter is greatly appreciated.

Jazakum Allah Khair

Furqaan Academy Administration

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