Name Job Title Email ID
Amal Zayed Pre-K Teacher [email protected]
Gihan El-Essawy FTH Girls [email protected]
Nadia Rayan KG and 1st grade Teacher
Arabic, Islamic Studies, Quran (KG)
[email protected]
Raniah Al Malah Integrated Program Quran Teacher (1st through 3rd grade) [email protected]
Zarine Khan 1st grade Homeroom Teacher
Wajdan Awadallah 2nd grade Homeroom
Bathool Khan 3rd through 5th grade Language arts, Reading, Writing & Social Studies [email protected]
Huma Hasnain 3rd through 6th grade Math & Science [email protected]
Ajeeg Jibrin 6/7th grade homeroom Teacher
Rabiah Dayala Math/Science and Literature (8th -12th grade) [email protected]
Faiza Khan Advanced Islamic Studies, Social Studies (8th through 12th) [email protected]
Ahsen Waseem Advanced Islamic Studies) (8th through 12th), 3rd through 7th Islamic Studies [email protected]
Riaz Mohammed Full Time Hifdh Quran [email protected]

Administrative Staff:

Name Job Title Email ID
Haiat Bousmaha Principal [email protected]
Jebin Hashim Administrator [email protected]
Aliya Jabeen Receptionist [email protected]



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