- Registered with the state of Illinois
- Member of Scripps National Spelling Bee
- Yearly Participation in The National Spelling Bee- Annual Spelling Bee
- Member of IJAS (Illinois Junior Academy of Science) & yealrly participation in the school the county Science Fair
- 2nd Place in IJAS, Will County Science Fair
- Member of CIS ( Chicagoland Committee of Islamic Schools)
- Annual Participation in the ChicagoLand Islamic School Competitions such as:
Science, Math, Islamic studies, Arabic competitions
- Annual Arabic Spelling Bee
- Scholastic Book Fair & Islamic Book Fair
- Hifdh program with Arabic classes
- Successful Integrated program with hifdh (Pre-k & up)
- successful pre-k and Kg classes
- Integrating Arabic Language in (Pre-k & up)
- Successful Arabic Language Program
- Mobile Computer Lab
- Grade Level English Library
- Reading Counts Program
- Reading Club
- Differentiated Teaching
- Accelerated Math & Science
- Leadership Program (students address the monthly theme in the daily assembly)
- Character Education Program
- Middle School & High School Khateeb Program (Students are trained to deliver the Jumuah Khutbah & speeches)
- IOWA Tests
- Explore & Plan Tests
- Islamic Studies Standardized Tests
- 2014- First Hafidha produced at Furqaan Academy
- a number of huffadh graduated from Furqaan who are leading taraweeh prayers around the united states
- Best Chicagoland Hifdh school award
- High School classes up to 12th grade
-All core subjects offered in addition to Mini Alim program classes such as: Tafseer, Fiqh, Islamic History, Hadeeth classes
- Variety of clubs offered such as: Newsletter, Drama, Reading, Student Council
- Different activities throughout the year

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