MAS/ICNA Quran Competitions

Osama Rayan 3rd place in half of the Quran Category
December 22nd and 26th, 2011

CPSA Arabic Spelling Bee Competitions

3rd Grade:
Faris Khan- 2nd Place
Ibrahim Mohammed Sayeed - 1st place

4th Grade:
Lana Alshahrour - 1st place
Hana Sayeed - 2nd place

5th Grade:
Saif Khan
Mustafa Ahmed

6th Grade:
Diyauddin Alshahrour- 5th place
Asad Sayeed - 2nd place

7th Grade:
Iqra Ahmed- 1st place
Rasha Sayeed - 1st place

8th Grade:
Osama Rayan - 3rd place
Obaidullah Razi - 3rd place

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