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The Prophet S.A.W. said:
“If a human dies, then his good deeds stop except for three:
Sadaqa Jariah (continuous charity), beneficial knowledge,
and a righteous child who prays for him”.
(Sahih Muslim)

We can process your Sadaqa Jariya donation (tax-deductible) via the following ways:

One Time Donation (Credit Card/PayPal)

(Once you click the Donate button below, you will be taken to a safe and secure transaction page to process your donation)

Please indicate if this is Zakat or Sadaqa donation:

Monthly Recurring Donation (Credit Card/PayPal)

Please choose a monthly amount:

How many months would you like to donate?

Donate Through Wire Transfer or Over the Phone

To make a donation over the phone, please call 630-620-0801.

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