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Islamic Scientists Exhibition.

 March 13th, 2013 at MCC Full time Islamic School, Morton Grove, Illinois.


Rasha Sayeed ~ 2nd Place

Alisia Atiq ~ 3rd Place


Muizza Sukhera ~ 1st Place

( FABB representative of Winner table Al-Biruni)

Arabic Spelling Bee Competition Winners:

Winners from Left to Right: Maryam Ahmed-Full Time Hifdth, Sarah Ahmed-Full Time Hifdth, Hana Sayeed-Full Time Hifdth, Haya Sayeed-First Grade, Mahnoor Amer-First Grade, Shiraz Mirza-First Grade

Second Place Winner, Obaidullah Razi-Full Time Hifdth                                                                                                                                                                                        

Quran Competition Winners (Boys)

Quran Competition Winners (Girls)

Chicago MIST Competition  Winners

1st place(1-15th Juz’s): Osama Rayan

2nd place(1-15th Juz’s): Obaidullah Razi

2nd place( 1-5th Juz’s): Ali Quadri